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jDrones STM32 Programmer

These instructions are for Windows OS and STM32 ST-Link Utility. jDrones STM32 Programmer works with all ST-Link compatible softwares. Including MAC and Linux OSes.

For MAC and Linux we currently don't have guides but they are easy to find.

Here are few links to MAC/Linux guides:

Board Definitions

This programmer is fully compatible with STM32 ST-Link Utility. You can download ST-Link directly from www.st.com website.

Download ST-Link here

What is needed to program

jDrones STM32 Programmer with 2.54mm and 1.27mm Pogopin programming boards

Connecting to Target Board

1) After you have downloaded and installed STM32 ST-Link Ulitity to your computer. Open the Application, first you need to load bootloader file

2) Download bootloader filer from our wiki, save it to your computer, search the bootloader file from your computer and click OK.

In this example we are using file: uc4h-bootloader-v006-jDrones.bin which is currently default bootloader for all jDrones made UC4H UAVCAN boards.

NOTE!! Always choose correct bootloader for the boards:

  • UC4H Active boards: uc4h-bootloader-v006-jDrones.bin
  • SLCAN board: uc4h-slcan-v009-jDrones.bin
  • jD-STM Programmer: jdstm32_programmer_initial.hex

Version number may differ. Check latest versions from our Firmware page

3) After successful load. ST-Link software will show loaded BIN file on the main screen.

4) Connect to target MCU. Open Target / Connect. On this point you need to have your jD-STM32 Programmer connected via USB and also use pogopin board (or similar) and connect it to target boards SWD connector.

Using pogopin board, take a look at Connecting Target Board area on this page.

5) After succesful connection. ST-Link will show target MCU details, Serial, flash size and other information. Next thing is to program actual MCU.

If on this point you get any error messages. Take a look at Settings & Errors area. Often removing/inserting USB cable solves all issues. Try to connect again.

6) When connection is ok. You can proceed to programming the MCU. Open Target / Program & Verify or hit CTRL-P to open programming popup window.

7) Usually default settings are fine. You may activate Verify after programming as shown in picture below.

8) Click Start and after 1-2 seconds you will see green status bar to advance rapidly.

9) Check messages after programming. You should see Verification… OK and program checksum messages after successful programming.

This example was made with Gen.Node v2.1 and with uc4h-bootloader-v006-jDrones.bin bootloader firmware. Process to program SLCAN, jD-STM32 Programmer board or any other STM32 based board is equal to this guide.

If having any errors or problems. Check that your jD-STM32 programmer has latest firmware in and your computer drivers are updated. Also check SWD settings and error messages from below.

Settings & Errors

SWD Settings

Possible Errors

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