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Gen.Node v2.1-jD

This is jDrones version of the UC4H General-Purpose Node. Documentation is accurate only if you are using original jDrones Gen.Node boards.

Board Definitions

Top side of the UC4H Gen.Node board with pin definitions.

Connector Definitions

Connector Description
CAN1 UAVCAN main connector. Identical to CAN2 port, can be used for linking to another UAVCAN device or terminator.
CAN2 UAVCAN main connector. Identical to CAN1 port, can be used for linking to another UAVCAN device or terminator.
C5V C5V is connected to CAN1/2 power line and protected with a 500mA automatic fuse.
3V3 3.3V LDO regulated output pin. Same LDO provides power to the main MCU. Max output 3.3V/300mA.
C2 C2 / Tx1
C1 C1 / Rx1
B2 B2 / Tx2 / TLM
B1 B1 / Rx2
A2 A2 / SCL
A1 A1 / SDA
GND Common ground, used to ground your additional hardware.
EXT5 External 5V input if you need more power than what the C5V line can provide.
E5O Output pin for EXT5 connector. Used for external 5V if needed.


There are two main softwares for this board. One is the bootloader and another is the operation firmware. Please do not mix them. The firmware you upload with the SLCAN board over the UAVCAN databus. The bootloader is uploaded via the SWD connector.

This board is coming with the latest UC4H Bootloader uploaded at jDrones. Normally you do not need to upload it unless you want to upgrade it or have “bricked” your UC4H board. You need a jDrones STM32 Programmer for burning the bootloader into this board.

You can always download the latest firmware and bootloader from our document site.

Firmwares/Bootloaders, please take a look at our firmware page.

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