Unmanned Systems

Everybody knows robots and autonomous drones are revolutionizing the world with an incredible potential for delivering goods, monitoring crops, aerial mapping, search and rescue missions, security and surveillance, remote inspections, traffic monitoring, and many more. jDrones is at the forefront of this revolution.

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We are one of the core developers of world's best and most versatile autopilot, the ArduPilot. One of the first airframes in the world using ArduPilot was our revolutionary ArduCopter platform. With the current 5th generation ArduPilot has evolved into various hardware and software products including the APM and Pixhawk PX4 lines of autopilots. 

As core developers and one of the official ArduPilot manufacturers we are able to custom design and create the autopilot hardware, firmware and software according to your needs if necessary.

Custom Unmanned Systems

jDrones has extensive experience in creating fixed wing, multicopter, and hybrid UAV systems for both private sector and governmental customers including law enforcement and military. We are able to design and manufacture the right kind of custom unmanned system for you or upgrade your existing systems to add autonomous capabilities.


In order to fulfill its potential, a UAV must be able to carry a useful payload. With our design solutions and payload integration the UAV becomes an autonomous professional tool with incredible possibilities.

  • Optical, IR, multispectral cameras
  • Video streaming
  • Cargo integration, quick release mechanisms
  • Motion tracking sensors
  • Gas sensors for detecting leaks & measuring emissions
  • Laser range sensors
  • And more

Ground Stations (GCS)

For monitoring and recording the data in real time or modifying the mission in-flight, you need a good ground station. From small handheld remotes to big ground stations with large sunlight-readable touch screens, our ground stations will get the job done. Our ability to custom make ground stations guarantees you get the kind of station you need. We are able to design and create stations all the way up to container sized ground stations.

Main categories for GCS systems available:
  • Packback GCS
  • Portable GCS
  • Vehicle GCS

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